Grandview may nix plastic bags, charge 10 cents for paper

Grandview may nix plastic bags, charge 10 cents for paper

GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- Following in the footsteps of Washington cities like Ellensburg and Tacoma, the city of Grandview is considering placing restrictions on plastic bags and straws, in an effort to be more green.

City Councilman Michael Everett is the man behind this effort to ban plastic straws and bags, altogether.

"I remember when there was no plastic, and suddenly plastic was the solution and Tupperware - you had all these bowls, you had all this plastic everywhere. But, it doesn’t go away. It doesn’t really go away, like paper or some other products do," said Everett.

Instead, Everett is pushing for locals to use reusable bags to carry their groceries; but if they must, he says they’ll have the option to use paper bags, but at a fee of 10 cents each.

His inspiration behind this movement? Being a grandfather.

"I have 12 grandchildren and I think about the world that they’re gonna get left, and we all have to do our part, and we can do our part," said Everett.

He also wants restaurants to do away with their Styrofoam takeout containers, and instead, opt for containers made of paper or cardboard.

City Administrator Cus Arteaga says the ban still has a ways to go, but it could be implemented sometime in the coming months, once all the details are carefully ironed out.

He says this is a good jumping point.

"This is one way to get started on trying to be better stewards of what goes into our landfills," said Arteaga.

But, local Gladys Lupercil doesn’t seem to be on board.

"We already reuse our plastic bags. We reuse them for the garbage and I don’t think paying for paper bags is a good idea, at all," said Lupercil.

Grandview’s Joseph Mosqueda says if it’s good enough for California, it’s good enough for him.

He said, "Very good for the environment. We gotta save Mother Earth, one way or another, and I know California started that and it's working out fine over there."

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