Grandview High School hosts college event for students

    Grandview High School hosts college event for students

    GRANDVIEW, Wa. -- Grandview High School is helping students get ready for college and encouraging them to give back to their communities.

    The high school hosted a Senior College Application Night Thursday to help students take the next step after graduation.

    Teacher Mackenzie Charvet says it is important for them to demonstrate to the students that going to college will help them for their future.

    “We want students to be able to go off to college and have a better future be able to earn more money, statistically students are proven to earn more money if they’ve gone off and earned a college degree," said Charvet.

    There were several colleges on hand to help students fill out applications and staff members to help answer questions or concerns.

    Some of the colleges that attended the event included WSU, CWU, CBC and much more.

    Charvet says aside from helping students go to college, they also want to encourage them to start their careers in the Yakima Valley.

    She says this way they are not only giving back but also helping the economy of Yakima.

    “We want students to come back to our community and give back to Grandview, to the lower valley to anywhere in the area where we can grow," said Charvet.

    Several of the students were able to get their applications filled out and mailed.

    Student Karina Sanchez says she is trying to major in criminal justice and is definitely thinking about coming back to the valley to work.

    “Yes, I’m trying to come back to the Yakima County because I have family that lives here. Basically all my family lives here, so I would want to be closer to them and not go somewhere far," said Sanchez.

    The school will be hosting classes to empower parents next week, if you are interested click here.

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