Grandview building a new high school due to student overcrowding

Grandview building a new high school due to student overcrowding

GRANDVIEW, Wash. -- Grandview high students say their current school is bursting at the seams with an overflow of students, so the school district is now building a bigger high school, more than double the size.

In 2017, Grandview voters approved a $42 million bond to build a new high school and construction starts this week.

Grandview High School Principal Kim Casey said this has been an idea in the making for two and a half years as the number of students at the high school continues to grow. She said the current building holds only 450 students but they now have close to 1,000.

"We've been able to take good care of the students but we're just out growing it," Casey said. "We don't have enough science labs, we don't have a stage, we don't have two gyms, the things that really are needed in a modern school system."

Casey said the new high school can hold 1200 students and is able to easily expand adding eight more classrooms and a few bathrooms whenever needed.

Current students at Grandview such as Junior Alejandra Clara said overcrowding in classrooms is a problem and she hopes the new school will fix it.

"It's not big enough to house all of the students that we have," Clara said. "There's overflow issues in some classrooms but we could use some more space for the projects that we would like to do in our school."

The school district said the new high school with be two stories and have more science labs, art classrooms and an auditorium.

Some students such as Monica Macias said they are excited for the new high school because they got to share ideas in the plans.

"A lot of our teaches got to choose specific things like the size of their classrooms and stuff like that," Macias said. "They asked for our opinions."

Principal Casey said she thinks the new school with benefit not only the community but the whole valley.

"It's good for the lower valley, it's good for the economy, for the people of Grandview, our home values," she said. "Many people benefit besides just the students in the building."

Construction of the high school is just beginning, the school district said the new facility will be ready for students in 2020. They said there is have a phase two of the project that includes tearing down the current school and adding a parking lot and landscaping that should be completed by 2021.

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