Grandfather of boy killed in Union Gap charged with manslaughter

Steven Reedy is charged with manslaughter in relation to the death of his grandson. (KIMA)

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- The grandfather of the 10-year-old boy who was shot and killed last year in Union Gap is now charged with his death.

Steven Reedy pleaded not guilty Tuesday to manslaughter and unlawful possession of a firearm charges.

Family members continue to mourn the life of Nathaniel Reedy, killed outside his Union Gap Home in March 2015.

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"He was a fun, outgoing, very spirited, always happy, had a smile on his face no matter what circumstance it was," Nathaniel's mother Krista McCoy said.

Court papers say Reedy and Nathaniel went outside in the middle of the night after their generator was unplugged.

Reedy told investigators they were searching the yard for intruders.

Court papers say when Nathaniel was just a few steps ahead of his grandpa, he was shot in the stomach.

For more than a year, no one was charged with the killing.

"He loved his grandpa, which makes it even harder," McCoy said.

Detectives don't believe the shots came from an outsider. Court papers say police found no tracks away from the property.

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Surveillance footage from a nearby business reportedly shows no cars or people entering or exiting near the property at the time.

"It's hard, whether it was Steve or whether it was somebody else, it's just hard," McCoy said.

Reedy's family says he's innocent and wouldn't hurt anyone, especially Nathaniel, who was his best friend.

But McCoy is waiting to see what happens in the court room before she agrees.

"I know intentionally he wouldn't do that, accidentally, it's possible, very possible," McCoy said.

Court papers also say investigators found a gun on the property with bullets that match the one found in Nathaniel's body during an autopsy. Detectives say the gun had not been weathered from being left outside for a long time.

Reedy will make his next court appearance at the end of the month.

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