Former candidates may face daily fine if signs aren't taken down

Former candidates may face daily fine if signs aren't taken down

YAKIMA, Wash.- Throughout every election candidates hand out hundreds of signs and posters, but do they always take them down after?

For some who have lost in this past primary election, their signs are still up and Yakima's Public Information Officer Randy Beehler says it's technically against the law.

"Our municipal code says that a temporary sign has to be removed within a reasonable time period, following the event that the sign is about," said Beeher.

Before political signs were treated differently than temporary signs like yard sale or commercial signs, and had to be taken down 15 days after an election.

This is the first election the city has gone through since the municipal code has been changed to comply with a U.S. supreme court ruling that says all signs that are up have to be treated the same.

"Probably the only way that we would respond to a political sign still being up is through a complaint," said Beehler.

Beehler says if a complaint is made, the city will notify that group and give them a time frame to take it down. If the sign is still up after that date, the city will then charge $50 per day until the sign is removed.

Lisa Homer ran for District 3 county commissioner and lost in the primary, she says her team has worked constantly to take down the signs but sometimes it's hard to find all of them.

"With all the wind there could be ones in ditches or wherever that you might not see, but we spend a whole five days just going around looking," said Homer.

Homer says there's been many times when people have taken her signs after rallies and post them in random places that she was unaware of.

"We've found that people tell me there's signs where I didn't put signs, but that's because people took the signs and put them up and then I would have no idea where they are," said Homer.

Beehler says even if your campaign sign is on your property, you are still obligated to take it down after a reasonable period of time.

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