Over 60 cheap and unique food booths at the Central WA State Fair

Over 60 cheap and unique food booths at the Central WA State Fair

YAKIMA, Wash.- There's just about any kind of food for everyone at the Central Washington State Fair.

Your fried or sugary food favorites are back and some new treats that have arrived for the first time, like Ibajellas "J" shaped ice cream that's leaving locals with a new kind of experience.

This traditional Korean desert is served with vanilla ice cream in a corn puff cone with your choice of toppings for under ten dollars, and the kids can't get enough of it.

“We had one earlier this morning already. Super healthy breakfast but we're at the fair so it doesn't matter, and he loves this thing. He was excited to get a second one," said Local Kit.

Of course you can have your traditional hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey legs and corn on the cob on every corner all ranging from six to $12.

But if you want to try something out of the box, head over to The Nitro Shack.

"It's a rice puff cereal that we freeze in liquid nitrogen. So it's really cold and smoke comes out when you bite into it," said Employee Jasmine Rise.

For $8, your dreams of becoming a smoke-blowing dragon can now become a reality.

But if you are on a budget and have a sweet tooth, you can find yourself a $4 cheese cake inside the SunDome.

"There's a lot of people who will come up and say 'oh I don't really like cheesecake' but then try the sample and they are actually won over and they love it," Chelsy Lesle.

All food fair prices ranging from $12 to as little as $2 depending on what you want and how hungry you are.

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