Flu season is here and health experts advise you get your flu shot

Flu season is here and health experts advise you get your flu shot

YAKIMA Wa. -- Its national flu immunization awareness week and health experts are advising you to get your vaccines up to date.

Mother Jessica Johnson has two kids and says she has been getting them vaccinated for several years now because she doesn’t want to run the risk of them getting the flu.

“I know the best way to protect them from getting the flu is for them to get vaccinated and I’ve heard really scary stories of kids getting sick with the flu and getting really sick and possibly even dying and I just don’t want my kids to be at risk for that," said Johnson.

Johnson isn’t the only one getting her family vaccinated this season, Nurse Practitioner at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Amber Shapton says they have been getting more patients this year wanting to get their flu shots before the winter season.

“This year it seems like more people are being vaccinated against influenza. Last year the vaccine was not as effective and so many people were more skeptical last year, but this year there seems to be a rise in our vaccine rates," said Shapton.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2017 to 2018 season was one of the deadliest flu seasons in recorded history.

Shapton says this is why they are encouraging people to get the flu shot if you haven’t so already because it can prevent you from several illnesses.

“To protect against the influenza virus which can cause significant respiratory complications that may require hospitalization, influenza can also cause death," said Shapton.

Shapton says December and January are known to be the peak months for flu like cases.

“Part of it has to do with the seasons and the cold weather more people are spending time indoors, more people are getting together related to the holidays so more people have potential for exposure," said Shapton.

But she says it’s not too late to get your flu shot.

Anyone over six months old can be vaccinated and they especially recommend children, pregnant women, those with existing health issues and elderly to get their immunization vaccines as soon as possible.

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