Firefighters save dog with help of donated pet oxygen mask

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A man from Terrace Heights believes in miracles after firefighters made a daring rescue to save his dog's life from his burning home.

It's love and affection one can only get from a dog. Tim Besheone has had Thor since he was a puppy.

Their connection almost ended when Tim's house caught on fire. Tim was out to dinner at the time when he got a call from firefighters. Thor was trapped inside.

"From all the fire trucks, I just thought my house was gone," said Tim. "My dog was gone."

Firefighters got Thor out of there after being stuck in the burning building for half an hour. Thor suffered from smoke inhalation and heat exposure. Firefighters used a special pet oxygen mask to save him.

"First I didn't know when they were giving air if he was going to make it still because he was still having a hard time breathing," said Tim.

Thor is more than Tim's loyal companion. He's also a reminder of his wife. She died of cancer four years ago. They adopted Thor together.

"It would've been like losing my wife all over again," said Tim. "I mean that's how much he means to me."

Happy and healthy, Thor's still here for comfort.

"He just loves to put smiles on people's faces," said Tim. "He just had that thing about him and that's just kind of how my wife was too."

Most Upper Valley firefighters have pet oxygen masks in their trucks. Staff at the Yakima Valley Veterinary Clinic trains firefighters how to use them.
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