Teanaway River Fire contained

Fire Near Teanaway Forces Evacuations

KITTITAS COUNTY -- The Teanaway River fire that sparked last Friday is now contained.

Department of Natural Resources Public Information Officer Joe Smillie said the management team left Tuesday night but local crews are still working on site because a lot of trees are still smoldering, with no flames present.

Kittitas County said there is no danger to the public and Teanaway Road is now back open.

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A brush fire that started on Friday is now 80 percent contained.

According to fire officials, the Teanaway River Fire broke out when people in the area were target shooting.

More than 200 firefighters have been working on the fire that has grown to cover 341 acres.

Public Information Officer of the Department of Natural Resources Joe Smillie said the fire is expected to be fully contained by Tuesday night.

"The management team will be leaving tomorrow night, we think after another day of digging up stumps and putting out hot spots, it'll be good," he said. "There is also some rain through the weekend so that will help too."

Evacuations are lifted but stretches of Teanaway Road remain closed.

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The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office issued Level 3 “Go Now” Evacuation Notices to about 20 homes in the Teanaway due to a brush fire. The fire started in the 8500 block of Teanaway Road and quickly spread to both sides of the roadway.

Level 3 Notices were issued from the 8500 block to the 6500 block of Teanaway Road. Level 3 means you are advised to the leave the area now due to immediate fire danger.

Level 2 “Get Set” Notices were issued from the 6500 block to the 4000 block. Residents are advised to prepare to leave at a moment’s notice.

Teanaway Road is currently closed to all traffic at Red Bridge Road and fire apparatus are blocking several spots on the Teanaway Road for suppression efforts.

Three helicopters are actively dropping water on the Teanaway Road fire. State Mobilization has also been requested for additional resources.

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