Father calling for school bullying to stop

Father calling for school bullying to stop

YAKIMA, Wash. - A concerned father says his daughter was assaulted by another student at Eisenhower High School on January 5.

He said the student hit his daughter in the back of the head, and this went on for several minutes. He said other students did not try to stop the fight and instead recorded it on their phones and posted the fight to social media.

The father wished to remain anonymous for the sake of his daughter and said he knows bullying is a part of society, but is sad to see it impacting his own child.

"When I was in high school, I saw kids get bullied, I never like it and for my daughter, who is so sweet, never does anything to anybody... that burns me up," he said.

He said the day of the fight, his daughter was picked up from school and taken to the hospital where he said doctors told his family she had a concussion.

Now this dad is speaking out because he wants bullying to stop and for parents to be more aware of what their kids are doing on social media.

"Take five to 10 minutes a night to talk to your kids and see what's going on," he said. "I know there's a lot of cyberbullying, you got to talk to them about that. I do all the time, so hopefully everybody wakes up."

Eisenhower High School was not able to be reached for comment at this time but the Yakima School District said if altercations happen at school they are investigated and discipline action is taken.

The district also said if parents want to press charges they can do so through the resource officer at the school or through the Yakima Police Department.

The dad said he pressed charges on the attacker and got a restraining order, so that student was expelled from the high school. Although, he said he had a problem filing a police report and we are working on speaking with police and will bring you that update.

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