Fate of marijuana businesses is in unincorporated Yakima's hands


YAKIMA, Wash.-- There's a ban on marijuana being processed and produced in in certain parts of Yakima County, outside city limits, but some marijuana businesses in unincorporated Yakima County still continue to operate.

Jamie Muffett of Sticky Budz in Zillah said he'd like to see Yakima vote ‘no’ to lift the ban, so that the county may benefit from the marijuana business.

“It would push the county commissioners in allowing the ban to be lifted and allowing tax revenue to come in from all the cannabis operations into the Yakima County, because right now, the county can't get any tax proceeds because they have it banned on the 502 operations,” said Muffett.

Voting ‘yes’ on the proposition would allow the current ban to stay in place. A person may be swayed to vote yes because they may be afraid a marijuana farm may end up in their backyard.

But Sweet Relief shop owner Liz Hallock said she thinks that county commissioners would be able to come up with appropriate zoning. And she too would like to see the ban lifted.

“The most difficult part of our operations as a business is distribution. Not having local farmers and a local supply chain has been devastating for our business and the demand. It's also bad for the environment to have to be driving all over the place picking up supplies from someone in Seattle. I'd rather buy local,” said Hallock.

Business aside, Muffett has other reasons he'd like for people to vote ‘no’ on proposition one.

“Right now, we employ a little over 50 people all together. We change lives here. We have people that have had the opportunity to move into new homes, put their kids in better schools. It's all around a positive for our community,” said Muffett.

You'll likely have the chance to make your decision very soon. Ballots were mailed out this week.

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