Farm Workers United to March Against Trump

Farm Workers United to March Against Trump

SUNNYSIDE, Wash.- Members of the United Farm Workers rallied the community in Sunnyside to protest against president Donald Trump.

The group also had images of Caesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in honor of the people that helped fight for farmers rights in the 1960's.

This march is one of the many that are happening across the united states to protest trumps immigration policies. California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona are other states that have marches going on this weekend as well.

While the farmers of Sunnyside may not have the attention of big cities like Arizona or Los Angeles, Indris Trejo with the UFW are important to the state of Washington’s agriculture industry.

"This is why farm workers make America great. People are marching in the cities but we are also present in rural America. We are not invisible. We are here. We want the same dignity and respect that everyone else has."

They also used signs that said “We Feed You” to let people know how important to the food that is produced for the pacific northwest.

"So much pride to be marching with farm workers that are the ones that are cropping the grapes, the apples that go into our food that we eat every day."

Members of the Sunnyside community held flags and came out wearing red to show support for the united farm workers.

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