Family wants to use pain from losing their child to help others in the valley

Family wants to use pain from losing their child to help others.

MOXEE, Wash.- The excitement was starting to build for the Godina family.

“We got to see him and see him moving around,” Janie Godina said. They saw the first ultrasound of their soon to be baby boy, Angel.

There was hope. Even though they've already gone through two miscarriages before.

“We had made it past that first trimester, which it was pretty much a for sure thing that we were going to have a baby,” Saul Godina said.

But then, doctors said there was a complication and they needed to go to Seattle right away.

By then end of the visit on the west side, the little angel was stillborn.

“I remember telling my brother it was weird that you could love somebody that you didn't know,” Saul said.

Unsure of where to go or what to do after their third miscarriage, the Godinas ended up at Brookside’s Funeral Home in Moxee, where owner Jamin Mohler took care of all the expenses for their baby's funeral.

To pay forward that generosity, the Godinas and Brookside came together to create ‘Under Angel's Wing.’

A foundation, named after the baby boy, with a goal to help other families in the valley who go through the loss of a child.

Which is something Mohler said he sees often in the valley.

“You could say a few times a month. We get the phone call from parents who have lost little children, medium sized children or even minor children,” he said.

But for the Godinas, they want to let other parents who are going through the same pain know they're not alone or at least they don't have to be.

They hope to help with funeral expenses and show families that there are resources nearby.

Especially for women who go through a miscarriage.

“I don't think that as women, we should feel shunned or that we did something wrong, so we should talk about it and be able to support each other,” Janie said.

Janie said their angel is now in heaven with his two other siblings who also never got a chance to live on this earth.

But now hope to see angel with every family they get to help under his wings.

“We were hoping to help one family, but if our little Angel can be an angel to many families, that would be a great way to keep his memory alive,” Janie said.

For those who are interested in getting involved or donating to Under Angel’s Wing.

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