Local family looking for answers after their dog was shot in the leg

Local family looking answers after their dog was shot in the leg.

WEST VALLEY, Wash.- You can hear the excitement in a dog’s tail.

Banging against the floor before they come to greet and smell you.

The dog above is "the dude" or "dude" for short.

One morning his owner Ken Toney let him outside, but he came back with a limp and a hurt back leg.

With everyone thinking he ran into the street.

“Oh, you rotten dummy. You got out and got hit by a car,” Toney said.

But an x-ray at the emergency room showed a much different story for the dude's injury.

“They had me come in and look at the x-ray. This is a bullet. This is the entry wound and he's been shot,” Toney said.

A bullet had pierced through his leg. Shattering his femur into seven or eight pieces.

Which led the family to wonder, who would shoot a dog that greets strangers with a smile and a sniff?

“Yeah, I’d sure like to find out if there's any recourse or at least know who did it so I can go talk to them,” Toney said.

The dude needed emergency surgery, but no doctors in the area could perform the procedure.

And the vets said they only had around a week to fix the leg or they might have to amputate it.

So, Leah Toney, Ken's daughter, rushed him over to Washington State University to save his leg.

“It's probably going to be around $5,000 to repair his leg,” she said.

WSU doctors put a pin, rod and about seven screws to patch up the dude.

Now he's running around when he should be resting.

But the Toney’s are just happy to have him back in one piece.

“I really enjoy having him here. He's like my best buddy,” Ken said.

To help with surgery expenses Leah created a GoFund Me page for The Dude.

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