Family almost loses hundreds to Craigslist seller

Family almost loses hundreds to Craigslist seller

YAKIMA, Wash.- "I guess if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is," said shopper Christopher Riojas.

A son trying to help his mother get another car, turned into an near costly mistake and wasted time.

"I had a van and I had just got done paying it off. My son's car broke and he has four kids and they just had a little baby so he needed a car," said mother Susie Uribe.

Uribe gave up her van to her oldest son, and her younger son Christopher Riojas wanted to help her get a new one. He went car hunting on Craigslist, and found one in Yakima, a 2003 Honda Accord for $1,000.

It was an opportunity Riojas says he had to take a chance on, but Uribe says they started noticing red flags from the beginning.

"She told him that she had got a divorce, and that she had moved and that the car would be delivered by Ebay," said Susie Uribe.

The seller even told them she would pay for the car to be shipped to them. All he had to do was send her a $600 down payment through Ebay gift cards. Riojas went through with the plan, but right before he was going to send over the cards, something told him to wait.

"I was about to send her a money but I called Ebay to make sure it was legit and they informed me that it was a scam," said Riojas.

"I just thought, how could she do that? How could she do that. He thought the she was helping him out because he told her the situation. When he told me that my heart broke," said Uribe.

Riojas says he sent all the info over to Ebay and to an online fraud investigator. Now they urge people to never send unusual forms of payment to unknown buyers online.

"You think there's good people, there is good people but my gosh it's had to find somebody that's really honest and won't rip you off," said Uribe.

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