Experience a smart home at the State Fair and get a chance to win $10,000

Home smart home.PNG

YAKIMA WA. -- At the State Fair in Yakima this year you could check out a home with all the high tech gadgets you might see in your home soon.

Fairgoers can experience the tiny home which is built to interact with technology and be used in everyday life situations.

Local Marketing and Brand Activation Manager for U.S Cellular Dane Yancey says some of the features in the home include security cameras on the doorbell, audio censors, air conditioning and electrical plugs controlled through your phone and much more.

“It’s a great opportunity to have fun, create a fun experience for them and you don’t see homes like these but it’s a big movement we’re seeing them all over the place and so it’s fun to invite them in to see what products there are,” said Yancey.

People will be able to activate the home and its features with a small chip that will be provided.

People who visit the Home Smart Home will also have an opportunity to win a $10,000 smart home makeover.

The tiny home will be at the fair until September 30th.

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