Ex-firefighter looking for a kidney donor

Ex-firefighter looking for a kidney donor

YAKIMA, Wash. -- “We were on a trip, where actually, almost, he died on me,” said Shari Elliott.

She says her husband is in dire need of a new kidney. He's back on dialysis for the second time since 2007.

Ben Elliott, a former East Valley Firefighter, tells Action News that because of all of the complications with his kidneys, he actually died.

“I just passed out. She said I turned gray and I was unresponsive and I had no awareness of anything,” said Ben.

The Elliott's say they don't want to ever relive another episode like this, so they're reaching out to the people of Yakima, asking for their help to see if anyone could be a match for Ben. He says he'd like to be around to be a part of his grand kids' lives.

“That's the only thing that kept him the first time, was expecting our first grandchild, and cause it is so tough with the needles, or it’s so tough to be on the machine, and not have really your freedom. So, that's what kept him through the first time and kept him pluggin' away," said Shari.

Ben had a transplant done in 2009, but says the kidney had a virus, and after nearly a decade, is on the verge of completely shutting down.

Aside from watching his grandchildren grow, he says there's still much he'd like to do in life that he couldn't do when they were younger,because they were busy raising a family, so finding a donor would be a dream come true."

"As Shari gets closer to retirement, it's something we'd like to do, is do some traveling that we haven't done during the years that we were married because I was working so much all the time. We were raising our kids," said Ben.

To try to see if you could be a kidney match for Ben, reach out to him at (509) 728-4433.

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