Every state agency failed to meet new state law

Every state agency failed to meet new state law

YAKIMA, Wash.- As of Friday June 1, every state agency in the Yakima Valley and in the state may be breaking the law.

A report by the Coltura Group shows most cities and government agencies hardly have any electric vehicles.

A state law on the books says all cities and counties must transition to electric or bio fuel vehicles by June 1.

Assistant City Manager Ana Cortez says the law requires cities to do what's feasible, and without infrastructure for electric vehicles, it simply isn't.

"In order to have electric vehicles, you have to have charging stations. If you do not have charging stations then your vehicle has limited capacity. We face that particular challenge," said Cortez.

City leaders say until they can get funding to put in more electric charging stations, the goal is unreasonable.

They said there won't be any consequence for not reaching the goal.

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