People move back into homes near Rattlesnake Ridge landslide

People move back into homes near Rattlesnake Ridge landslide

MOXEE, Wash.- After geologists said the landslide might take years or even decades to fall, emergency management teams gave people living near Rattlesnake Ridge the OK to go back home.

However, Alexi Blanco is worried they might have been let back too soon.

“They moved us out like it was a state emergency, and all of a sudden you guys can move back in. It's safe and we still haven't seen it slide down,” he said.

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Blanco just finished moving a truck load of things back into his house, Thursday, and said he didn't expect for the landslide to be such a big deal.

But now that he's back home, he said he’ll be keeping an eye on what's going on with the ridge.

“It doesn't look pretty safe,” he said. “It looks like it's falling apart.”

People living in the mobile home park were evacuated at the beginning of the year and placed into hotels for a few weeks.

Tenant Antonio Martinez said it'll take about a week for him to move back in, but said he's just glad to be back home.

“I told my wife right away, let's go home and see what we can do down there,” he said.

Martinez owns a long list of animals that includes chickens, dogs and sometimes sheep.

He just signed a lease for a home out in Sunnyside because he wasn't sure when he would be allowed to come back home.

However, after getting the news that it's ok to move back in, he said he's going to do everything he can to stay in the mobile home park.

“I hope they let me stay and let me come back to this place because I have everything set for my animals. Everything set for what I need,” Martinez said.

Even though evacuation orders were lifted, emergency management teams want people to be ready to leave again just in case the landslide gets worse.

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