Elderly man killed after being hit by a van

Elderly man killed after being hit by a van

YAKIMA, Wash. - Police say 86-year-old Ismeal Medina crossed the street around the 1000 block of Nob Hill Blvd on Saturday night when he was struck and killed by a Charter Communications van.

Medina did not cross at a crosswalk and police said they found him less than 50 feet from one.

Yakima Police Traffic Enforcement Officer Mike Nielsen said it was not the driver's fault, it was an accident and the driver was going under the speed limit.

“The last two fatal collisions that we had between vehicles and pedestrians both vehicles were doing under the speed limit," he said. "So when it comes to people versus cars, the car is always going to win."

Valerie Evans lives in the area and she said people need to take more precaution when walking at night.

"The clothing issue is the biggest one because if you're wearing all black, nobody can see you, it's dark," she said.

Evans said she is tired of hearing about people being hit by cars.

"I'm aware of traffic, I will stop and let the car go by so that we're safe," Evans said. "I don't want any other senseless tragedies."

Police are warning people to not cross the street unless at a crosswalk, especially at night.

"Even if you're crossing at a crosswalk, make sure you look both directions even if it's a controlled one because there's drivers nowadays that have so many other distractions in their vehicles," Nielsen said.

Police said people should also wear bright clothing when walking in the dark and drivers should drive slower at night when it's harder to see.

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