East vs. West: Looking at how both sides of Washington state voted

East vs. West: Looking at how both sides of Washington state voted.

YAKIMA, Wash.- The ballot boxes are closed and the final votes are still coming in the mail.

Statewide initiatives will determine gun rights, taxes on gas, how police are investigated and other issues that will affect everyone.

But not everyone here in the valley agrees with the outcome for many of these issues on the ballot.

“I'm sick and tired of the left side of the state dictating what going on in the right side of the state,” Walt Brunner, who lives in Yakima, said.

So, Action News decided to see how different the election would have turned out for each side, by splitting Washington state in half.

While Maria Cantwell is winning the race for state senator, over here there would have been a new woman in office.

With Susan Hutchison winning just over 58 percent of the vote.

The results for the Dino Rossi vs. Kim Schrier race would've flipped as well.

With Rossi getting 57 percent of the vote on the east side.

Now when it comes to the initiatives, I-1639, which puts further regulations on gun sales, would have failed over here.

It got 64 percent in favor of I-1639 on the west side. With 56 percent against it on the east.

With I-940, the west side was over 61 percent in favor of adding more training for police and changing the way deadly force is investigated.

But it would have barely failed in the east with about 52 percent to shut it down.

It appears the only thing both sides can agree on is that we don't want an added tax when it comes to carbon emissions.

The west side voted 54 percent against the measure.

With it being a landslide of opposition for the tax on the east at 71 percent.

With so many more voters on the west side they have a bigger pull with statewide races, but it's interesting to see how different things are on either side of the cascades.

For more information on how counties across the state voted.

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