East Valley Fire Department uses annual hockey game to better know kids in community

East Valley Fire Department uses annual hockey game to better know kids in community.

MOXEE, Wash.- With a tie game, both teams went into sudden death overtime and the next goal wins.

Moxee Elementary 5th graders were able to slip one past the goal keeper and claim the trophy against the East Valley Fire Department.

“We tried we aren't just out there pretending to play,” Lieutenant Trevor Lenseigne with east valley fire said.

However, it's more than just a hockey game for P.E. teacher Brain Locke.

He said having this game every year gives the kids a chance to meet the people that may save them in the future.

“Anytime you get into an emergency situation and there's stress involved, it's important these kids have seen these guys before and have somewhat of a relationship with those guys in those times of need or emergency situation,” Locke said.

The East Valley School District has only five schools and many of the firefighters are on a first name basis with the students.

They wear all their gear during the game to help the kids recognize them during a fire or an emergency.

“They do know when we come to their house or to a motor vehicle accident, the help is there,” Lenseigne said.

He said this will help keep kids calm in high pressure situations which makes it easier for firefighters to do their jobs.

Locke said two 5th grade classes were chosen this year because it was too difficult to pick between them.

And with the win, Moxee elementary school gets to hold on to the trophy for another year.

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