Drivers face fine of at least $500 if they don't chain-up on Snoqualmie Pass

    Drivers face fine of at least $500 if they don't chain-up on Snoqualmie Pass

    WASHINGTON - The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) wants to remind drivers traveling over Snoqualmie Pass have to carry chains in their vehicles during the winter.

    WSDOT said when drivers don't put on chains or have traction tires when required, it can cause delays for everyone else.

    "So they end up not putting on chains or having the right type of tires, they get up there and they spin out of control," said WSDOT Spokesperson Meagan Lott. "They end up blocking lanes and we end up having to close the pass to get emergency personal and tow trucks up there."

    Lott said if you plan on traveling the pass be sure to check out the weather in advance. You can use the WSDOT app to check the latest mountain pass conditions.

    "Because conditions change so quickly up there by the time you check in Yakima or the Tri-Cities and you get up the Snoqualmie Pass, those restrictions may have changed," she said.

    When traveling over Snoqualmie Pass, WSDOT said to have chains in your car and pull over and put them on your tires when required.

    Each vehicle is different and can require different chains so be sure to read the instructions and practice before you are on the a snowy mountain pass.

    Washington State Patrol said they will be enforcing chains on tires when required and if drivers don't chain-up they could face a $500 fine or more.

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