Drill workers concerned about new well water plans

Drill workers concerned about new well water plans

YAKIMA, Wash.- Well drilling workers are concerned about the new well decision that will take affect in January.

The new well decision will cost the community for using the county's water supply. It'll cost a one time fee of $1,150, and a quarterly $35 plus a consumption charge.

Within the new ecology plan it lays out a new protocol for drillers digging in wells that can cost employees and customers thousands.

"If they make us put in more than our normal than our 18-foot of seal and they make us put in 50 foot of seal or 100 foot of seal, that's going to cost the customer more money. That can cost them $5,000 to 10,000 on top of the well," said by Jerry Rank who is the owner of Oasis Drilling.

"This is my career, it's what I'm trying to keep going. I'm basically a fourth generation driller so I have to keep it going. This is what I want to do so if it goes under well then there goes everything I've been working for since I've been 18," said by Derrick Rank who is an employee at Oasis Drilling.

Rank also said the new plans will take more labor time. Instead of a three or four-day job, the new plans will double the amount of time it takes to install one well. Drilling workers are meeting with water plan officials this Friday to discuss the situation.

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