Downtown plaza: What's next?

Downtown plaza: What's next?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The people behind the plaza are wasting no time in bringing it to life.

The development committee met Monday to discuss what they need to do to stay within their $10.8 million construction budget.

As of right now, they say they’re $5,000 under budget, so they’re considering adding things, like fancy lighting or skate deterrents to the plan.

“We want to emphasize that right now, what we have is a great plaza - and we’re trying to get to magical,” said Assistant City Manager Ana Cortez.

Cortez says once they make a final decision on all the bells and whistles to include within the plaza, the project will be up for bid.

“It’s pretty straightforward. If you meet all of the requirements, if you meet all of the minimum qualifications, then your price will be analyzed, looked at, and then it’s the lowest price. It’s pretty simple,” she said.

John Baule is a part of the Plaza Development Committee. He says he’s confident this is the right direction to go for Yakima, adding that it’ll help revitalize the downtown area and attract tourists.

“All these things that are happening in Yakima, right now, SOZO, the aquatic center, all those things are all kind of linked. All of them are going to help make this community more of a destination place,” said Baule.

Cortez says when they choose a firm to build the plaza, the plan is to break ground within a matter of weeks. Baule says once this happens, he’ll feel relieved.

“I’m only gonna be relaxed when the shovels are in the ground,” he said.

The Plaza Development Committee plans to meet again, next Monday, at noon.

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