Domestic violence: Ways to spot an abuser

Domestic violence: Ways to spot an abuser

YAKIMA, Wash. -- After a recent domestic violence homicide in Ellensburg, advocates are informing people on ways they can spot an abuser and how to know if you’re in a domestic violence relationship.

“Isolation, jealousy, always wanting to know where you are and what you’re doing, kind of stalking you all the time,” said Executive Director of YWCA in Yakima Cheri Kilty.

Kilty says those are just some of the signs an abuser will show early on.

She says someone who might be in a domestic violence situation should also look out for a controlling partner, someone who is constantly argumentative or gets excessively angry.

Earlier this month, the body of Amy L. Bayley was found along the side of State Route 821 in Ellensburg.

Law enforcement placed her boyfriend David J. Heneghen under arrest as a suspect with 2nd Degree Murder – Domestic Violence charges.

Special Assault Detective Dulce Diaz says these types of cases are not uncommon here in Yakima.

She says police officers receive several calls weekly of verbal abuse and unfortunately many of these cases end up escalating as time goes on.

“They’ll start seeing a pattern that at first started off as an argument and then it starts increasing to other things where now you are seeing injuries, now somebody is getting arrested or someone is going to jail,” said Detective Diaz.

Diaz added that depending on how severe the case is, the consequences for the abuser could also be major.

Heneghen is now in jail with a bail of $2 million.

Kilty from the YWCA says it is really difficult for people to get out of situations like these because many times they are unaware of what to do or where to turn.

“Sometimes it takes seven to 10 times of people kind of leaving and going back and kind of testing the waters a little bit,” said Kilty.

Places like YWCA and the police department offer help for people that are stuck in a domestic violence situation.

Friends, family or neighbors are also encouraged to speak out if they see anything suspicious.

Click here for the YWCA website.

Click here for the Yakima Police Department.

Click here for the crisis hotline and website.

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