Detective presents video showing moments leading up to shooting deaths

Detective presents video showing moments leading up to alleged shooting deaths

YAKIMA, Wash. - The prosecution continued it's case Monday against Manuel Verduzco.

He is accused of killing Karina Morales-Rodriguez and Marta Martinez outside of the Moneytree on East Walnut Street back in March 2016.

Yakima detectives presented video gathered from surveillance cameras from Moneytree, nearby businesses and police cars on the morning of March 26.

The video shows Verduzco entering the Moneytree behind Martinez, forcing her inside.

He then walks out of the building and you can see her lock the door but when he comes back he shoots the glass door and chases after her, moments before her death.

Doctor Jeffery Reynolds performed Martinez and Morales-Rodriguez's autopsies and said they were both shot at close range.

"The bullet basically as it entered, impacted the base of her skull and shattered it," Reynolds said. "Took out the base of the brain and so she was unconscious and not breathing, instantly."

A former Moneytree employee also took the stand on Monday. She said she saw Verduzco at Moneytree the morning before he allegedly shot the two women.

"I noticed that he was approaching the vehicle," Ana Vidrio said. "I told Pedro to lock the doors. Until I saw that the person approaching was Manny."

She said she used to work with Verduzco so she recognized him and they talked briefly. She said he asked who would be working with her that day.

The trial continues this week and the prosecution said they hope to wrap up their argument on Wednesday, then on to defense. The whole trial is expected to take three weeks.

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