Deputies in Kittitas County warn businesses of "Green Dot" card scam

Deputies in Kittitas County warn businesses of "Green Dot" card scam

KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. - Sheriff's deputies are warning people of a phone scam asking businesses to pay money with a "Green Dot" card.

So far, reports of this phone scam have come in from two businesses.

A news release from the county said the caller would go by an actual deputy's name with the Kittitas County Sheriff's Office. Victims said they could hear 9-1-1 dispatch sounds in the background.

The scammer would then direct the business owner to drive to the sheriff's office on Umptanum Road after hours to issue money to the department with a Green Dot card. The targets were also instructed to call the office while they were on their way so that a deputy could assist them upon arrival.

Reports said the scammer claimed the victims owed money to the federal court.

Sheriff's deputies are informing business owners that deputies are not making these types of calls and theses incidents are scams.

Anyone who receives a call similar to this is urged to contact the agency the caller claims to be with first, to verify the call is not a scam.

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