Democratic Congressional Candidate discussing immigration system with Yakima city leaders


YAKIMA Wa. -- Democratic Congressional Candidate Christine Brown is working to get the community involved in immigration discussions.

Tonight, she hosted a town hall meeting at Le Chateau where several city leaders and community members discussed ideas on how to improve our country’s immigration system.

Brown says it is important to talk about the reform in Yakima because there are many undocumented immigrants working in the fields who may be affected as well as business owners.

“Growers will tell you the number one issue they face right now is looking out to their workforce, who is it going to be. They’re in tremendous competition right now with each other about who will get the workers, will there be enough workers," said Brown.

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 was a bill that would have provided legal status and path way to citizenship for approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

Many people like Brown believe the reform should help undocumented immigrants while others want more enforcement.

Brown says the purpose of the town hall is to give people information on what is happening with undocumented immigrants right now and find solutions that may benefit everyone involved.

Some of the ideas that were presented during the meeting include educating the public, finding ways to provide undocumented workers and students with permission to be in the U.S and much more.

“One idea that’s been floated several years ago, it’s called the blue card and foreign workers from another country can apply for this visa get a visa for three years which means they can come here and work in agriculture, they can go back and forth across the border," said Brown.

The reform has been passed by the Senate but is yet to get passed by the House of Representatives.

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