Davis High School football coach is back on the team after an incident over the summer

Davis High School football coach is back on the team after an incident over the summer

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The football coach at Davis High School who was put on administrative leave for an incident this summer, is now back as coach of the team.

Some parents say football coach Rick Clark was under investigation after some students were being harassed, embarrassed and intimidated by the coach.

The Yakima Education Association and parents in favor of the coach spoke out at The Yakima School District board meeting saying they did not agree with the long investigation he was going through and they wanted him back.

After four months of investigation, Clark showed up at practice Thursday and said he is glad to be back after being out for so long.

“Well a little shocked there’s 48 hours left of this season but happy to be at stadium tomorrow night for the Davis Ike game. Looking forward to it," said Clark.

Some parents are not happy with his comeback.

One parent who did not want to be on camera says she does not support having him back because kids were being bullied, screamed and cursed at.

She also said that everyone against the coach were told to not speak about the situation which is why they have not protested or said anything.

President of the Yakima Education Association Steven Mckenna says they are tired of seeing teachers suspended or fired from schools for what he says are minor incidents.

“We’ve been pressing the district for months to try and get this taken care of and they finally put the coaches back but we still aren’t completely finished with the situation," said McKenna.

McKenna says that tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on investigations that are taking several months to finalize instead of using that money to benefit the kids.

Clark says he is excited to be back and is just trying to focus on winning the games.

He also says he will let interim coaches J.R. Washington and Lou Benedicto finish off this season before he takes full control of the team once again.

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