CWU students recall lockdown, told to "stay down and stay quiet"

    CWU students recall lockdown, told to "stay down and stay quiet"<p>{/p}

    ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- "They told us to stay down and stay quiet," said Central Washington University Freshman Bailey White.

    He says the room he was on lockdown in was filled with tension and uncertainty, as they waited, believing there was an active shooter in their building.

    "There was a couple people that were in the room I was in that were freaking out, and a couple others thought it was a joke," said White.

    Freshman Michael Genzele says he was across campus, in his dorm, when he got the alert on his phone of a shooter.

    He says he started to panic.

    "Where is everybody I know? Are they all safe? What’s going on? I got a friend that works down in the rec center, so that was kinda frightening," said Genzele.

    That friend was White, who was getting ready to work his shift.

    "We all were locked down, and then there's reports that police were searching for the shooter, where we were at," said Genzele.

    But, that’s not the only place police say they were searching for shooting suspects.

    "As we’re processing Lind Hall and working through that scene, shortly after that response, there was another call of an active shooter in L&L building, that we also responded to with units," said CWU Chief of Police Jason Berthon-Koch.

    Koch says it was scary few hours, and they were on edge with every sweep of every building, but after about 2 hours of searching, there was no evidence of any shooting, or shooters, for that matter.

    At about 7:30 PM Wednesday, he gave the all-clear.

    Now, they’re still actively trying to piece together how multiple reports of shooters came to light in the first place.

    But, he says this is something they’ve been prepared for for quite some time.

    "You don’t know what you’re walking into, it's just you're going. So, each one is treated exactly the same – as we don’t know, it’s the unknown," said Koch.

    Genzele and White both tell Action News that after the chaos of yesterday, they still feel safe enough to go to school.

    And they’re both happy with what they say was quick response from police.

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