CWU has broken ground on 60 million dollar project

CWU has broken ground on 60 million dollar project

ELLENSBURG, Wash.- Central Washington University has now broken ground on their multi-million dollar housing project. A major stepping stone CWU president James Gaudino says is needed to house next years incoming freshmen class.

"Our freshmen class has grown by 50 percent in the last five years which is just remarkable, but of course you need facilities for all those new students," said Gaudino.

New additions to the north side of their campus will be a 402 bed residence hall, a parking lot, and a multi-sport athletic field.

A recent graduate and now a project engineer on the construction team, Conrad Nygren, says many locals are having a hard time finding a place to live in the city because college students are taking up all the housing.

"Basically they can't force freshmen to live on campus because they don't have the room for them. So that's what's eating up the rest of the housing market within the city," said Nygren.

It's a nearly 60 million dollar project that will be paid through private bonds and funding from the university.

C-W-U leaders say once the dorm and athletic center is built, room and board and recreational fees will pay off the project in 20 years.

This is the first time in several years the school has started a project this big, and Gaudino says they plan to get it all completed within a year.

"It would be much easier on everybody if we spread these things out one more year, but the students are here now," said Gaudino.

Nygren says this project will help ease the housing tension in the city by transferring more students on campus.

"With this 402 rooms, that's a vast majority of the freshmen class. So it should help mitigate the issue a little bit," said Nygren.

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