Teen accused of drowning 6-year-old Lynnwood boy makes court appearance

The body of 6-year-old Dayvid Pakko was found in a trash bin after an intensive overnight search. (Photo from Snohomish Co. Sheriff's Office)

LYNNWOOD, Wash. (KOMO) -- The 19-year-old man accused of drowning a 6-year-old Lynnwood boy appeared by video Wednesday in Snohomish County Superior Court.

The 6-year-old autistic boy's body was found Tuesday in a trash bin after an overnight search, according to court documents. Documents state the boy was drowned.

Andrew Clayton Henckel from Kerrville, Texas, has been jailed for investigation of first-degree murder in the death of Dayvid Pakko, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office said.

The teen was in Lynnwood visiting relatives. Court documents released by the Sheriff's Office said the teen was caring for the little boy Monday when he drowned him.

Documents state Henckel admitted to filling the bathtub, calling the boy, then picking him up and placing him face down in the water. He held him under the water for 30 seconds until he no longer struggled, according to court documents.

Henckel told detectives he had planned to kill the boy about an hour before he drowned Pakko, according to court documents. He did not give detectives a motive.

He reportedly kept the boy face down in the tub for six minutes. Henckel then changed his clothes, wrapped the boy in blanket and put him in cardboard box, court documents state.

The 19-year-old then reportedly put the boy in a dumpster and went back to the apartment, where he laid on a couch until another individual came home, according to court documents.

Henckel reportedly helped in the search efforts for the boy before the boy was found by the search team, documents state.

Family members said the 19-year-old is also autistic and believe he didn't have the mental capacity to understand what he was telling police.

According to court documents, officials said Henckel did not report a formal diagnosis and is not taking medication.

The 19-year-old reportedly graduated from high school and attended one year of college, according to court documents. Documents state the teen was employed before leaving Texas.

Court documents state Henckel is not aware of any disability he has or limitations in daily life.

Searchers found Pakko's body in the dumpster at the apartment complex where he lived in the 15700 block of 44th Avenue West, said Shari Ireton of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

Paramedics determined that he had been dead for 12 hours after his initial disappearance.

The search for the boy began Monday afternoon after he went missing from his home. Pakko's mother said he stayed home from school and another adult was taking care of him.

A search team, including a helicopter, several K-9 crews, detectives and more than 60 volunteers searched through the night and found the boy at about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Family members said he was an adorable little boy who had mild autism.

"He was the sweetest little mischievous kiddo," said a close relative. "A little genius kid who just saw the world differently than we do."

A GoFundMe site has been established to pay for the boy's memorial.

The suspect is being held in Snohomish County jail on $1 million bail.

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