Council members recognized at final meeting of the year

Council members recognized at final meeting of the year

YAKIMA, Wash. - With more than 20 years of service combined, city council is losing three dedicated council members today.

Avina Gutierrez of District 2, Maureen Adkison of District 6 and Bill Lover of District 4 all attended their last city council meeting as official members.

Gutierrez was elected to mayor in 2015 and then served on council since August 2016. She was one of the first Latina women elected to council and the first council member to serve District 2. Gutierrez thanked the residents of Yakima and said it was a privilege to serve the city.

"I'm excited to see what the future has for the next city council and continuing to have representatives for each part of the city, to make the entire community a better place," Gutierrez said.

Adkison was elected in April 2009, serving for more than 8 years. As a council member, she has attended more than 300 meetings. She said her service is a way to be active in the growth of the city.

"The staff is unbelievable, there job as far as I'm concerned is getting me to look good with all the information they got us," Adkison said.

Lover has lived in Yakima for more than 25 years and served on the council for 11. During those 11 years, he has been to 550 council meetings. He was sworn in January 2006, serving four terms with 17 different council members.

"All councils have been a little different and they've done quite significant things, not always the things I like to do but still significant," Lover said.

The newly elected council members Jason White, Kay Funk and Brad Hill will be sworn in on January 2.

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