Cougars on the loose at Ahtanum Road

Cougars on the loose at Ahtanum Road

YAKIMA, Wash.- Locals living on Ahtanum Road say they had a surprise visit by not one, but two cougars.

"It started on the 7th, in our backyard two nights in a row, there were two spotted behind our house," said Betty Maybee, West Valley School Bus Driver.

Betty Maybee says in her 27 years of being a West Valley bus driver, seeing these creatures this close is a first.

"I've seen elk, deer, but I've never seen cougars down in this area," said Maybee.

Now, locals spotted a cougar behind West Valley Bus Transportation.

"A friend came into the yard and said people at the bus garage had seen a cougar out behind the end of my property," said Tim Mason, a Yakima resident.

Officers over at The Department of Fish and Wildlife searched the area and found a cougar paw print.

The cougar was spotted moments before kids had to be picked up from school, but West Valley drivers were still able to drop off the kids safely.

"We had the Game Department come out and we had lots of people out tracking it so at that point we weren't to worried about it moving too far with everybody out here," said Maybee.

Today, Department of Fish and Wildlife say they haven't captured the cougar yet, but if they do, they will release it to a more civil habitat.

Officers ask that if you spot the cougars roaming in your area, give them a call or notify Washington State Patrol.

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