Construction on Corridor Project set to start next year

Construction on Corridor Project set to start next year

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima County officials are now in the final planning phase for the East West Corridor Project and will start construction next year.

"We are just now beginning to see the reality here," said Yakima County Commissioner Ron Anderson.

Planning this project has taken nearly a decade, and with Yakima County Commissioners approving a $700,000 grant to finalize the design, they can now move closer to the building stage.

"The planning part of it has got to be done first so that you make sure you make your mistakes on paper and not out on the field when you are actually building something," said Anderson.

A portion of that funding will also go towards the project. Yakima County Commissioner Ron Anderson says this $165 million project is meant to help reduce traffic from the Terrace Heights area to downtown Yakima, and says traffic flow has been an issue for many years.

"It will be relieving the population traffic on Yakima Avenue and Terrace Height Drive, because it's nearly capacity right now if not failing," said Anderson.

Many locals who regularly drive through Yakima Ave. say they are for the new project being built, but some say they are unsure how effective the corridor will be.

"I think that it will end up being good for development, but probably isn't going to clear up a lot of traffic, because I don't think there's a lot of traffic that needs to be cleared up," said Terrace Heights Resident Casey Boutillier.

Phase one of construction will start at North Keys Rd. in Terrace Heights then go west across the river to the Old Boise Cascade Mill, and go west to 1st Street. The goal by the end of the project is to extend the corridor to 40th Ave.

Yakima County officials are anticipating the Corridor Project to be completed by 2025.

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