Community helps out after family loses a father, husband just days before Christmas

Community helps out after family loses a father, husband just days before Christmas.

ELLENSBURG, Wash.- The holidays usually means time for family and remembering all that happened throughout the year.

The Githens had a lot to celebrate as well.

They gave birth to a baby girl just weeks ago and Collin Githen had started his first business as an electrician.

“He started this business and had all kinds of dreams and visions of how he wanted to put it together. He had thought through so much,” Bud Githens, Collin’s father, said.

Colin was using some of his skills with electrical work to make gifts for Christmas.

But then tragedy struck.

"Last Saturday something just went wrong and he was electrocuted," Bud said.

On December 15th, the power tools he was using electrocuted him. Stopping his heart.

Collin was rushed over to the hospital, but doctors couldn't bring him back.

Leaving his wife to take care of a new baby and business.

The loss also hit hard for close family friends, like Sarah Dimare.

She remembers what it was like talking to her eight-year-old son about Collin’s death.

“I had just asked him, so why are you sad? He said I’m going to really miss him. He was really kind to me and he would always be really interested in my Lego creations,” Dimare said.

Since the Githens didn't have life insurance, close friends and family started a GoFundMe account to help with some of the financial costs.

And the community has responded in full force. With the page already raising over $55,000 since it was started.

Dimare knows the money will never bring back Collin, but she said it's the least they can do to help friends in need.

“Even though it was new, we knew that we wanted them in our lives for as long we could,” she said.

Bud said it was heartbreaking to lose his son, but it's been a joy to see how everyone has responded to such a tragic event.

From the money raised to everyone checking in to see if they can help with the baby.

“They have been absolutely amazing. There's just no way to thank them for what they've done in this situation,” he said.

Bud said everyone still plans on getting together for Christmas this year to celebrate and remember the man his son was and the family he's still a part of.

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