Community advised to help keep Yakima Greenway clean

greenway trash.PNG

YAKIMA Wa. -- Several people are concerned about recent trash in the Yakima Greenway and are saying the problem is getting worse.

Local Jason Phinney says he’s been noticing a lot of trash piling up in the Greenway and doesn’t feel safe to bring his family out anymore.

“I’ve lived in the Yakima valley for 37 years now and as a kid I used to be able to go anywhere I wanted, anywhere in this valley fishing, hunting, explore everywhere and now I don’t even feel safe taking my kid anywhere down here,” said Phinney.

We’ve been receiving pictures from locals where trash is accumulating in the Greenway.

Yakima Greenway’s Executive Director Kellie Connaughton says as the weather starts to get warmer more people are coming out and may not be disposing of their trash properly.

She says there are also a lot of homeless people living by the Greenway who sometimes leave their trash everywhere.

Connaughton says the Yakima Greenway has people working every day to keep it clean but during winter they are short staffed so they would appreciate the communities help.

“We do have some folks who are choosing to camp on the Greenway and sometimes they don’t pick up after themselves so if the wind blows we get a little bit of residue from that so don’t hesitate to stop by if you see something that’s really concerning so that we can address it but if you’d like to help out or volunteer just let us know,” said Connaughton.

Volunteer Dan Butler says they have a group of around 40 volunteers who meet every other weekend to clean up the Greenway and want more people to join.

“I do it personally because I have grand kids growing up that I want to see be able to use this and take care of the outdoors and the river and things like that,” said Butler.

Connaughton says they have placed trash cans all over the Greenway path so that people can throw away their trash.

If people come across trash they can’t pick up you can always call the Yakima Greenway offices and they will send someone to help.

The volunteers will be meeting this Saturday at 10 in the morning in the Bi Mart parking lot near 40th avenue.

Anyone is welcome to join them.

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