Groups call for WA Licensing Director resignation amid ICE communications

Local groups address WA State Licensing regarding ICE communications

UNION GAP, Wash. - Community leaders are asking the Director of Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) to resign following the discovery the department shared data with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).

State and community leaders from groups including the Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) held a press conference, Wednesday, in front of the DOL building in Union Gap to address how these actions have impacted families across the state.

Gabriel Munoz of LCA cited Executive Order 17-01, which forbids using state agency resources to identify or arrest people on violations of civil immigration laws.

Munoz said that though Governor Jay Inslee signed the order in February of 2017, the DOL shared driver's license data with ICE.

The groups are asking Director Pat Kohler, to resign from her position after the DOL violated the executive order.

Pat Kohler gave a statement saying she "remains deeply committed to implementing immediate changes to ensure we are safeguarding our customers personal information."

The Department of Licensing released they will no longer give out personal information to the federal immigration authorities without a court order.

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