Selah code inspectors release apartment evaluations

Selah code inspectors release apartment evaluations

SELAH, Wash.- After a several month long apartment investigation, code inspectors unveiled what lies within a complex in Selah.

"This is actually the first time we've been inside the buildings in about a decade," said Donald C. Wayman, City Administrator for the City of Selah.

Code and building experts were able to get a judges approval to inspect the homes after a former tenet fell through her floor. What code inspectors found, turned into a 500 page report.

"They found electrical violations, plumbing, structural problems, mold, as well as vermin infestations," said Wayman.

The owner of the property, Steve Owens, now faces two options.

"His options are to either go with this plan for demolition or repair, or he can appeal our decision to the city council and he needs to do that within the next ten days," said Wayman.

For repair cost, based on city reports, it totals out to be more than the actual building.

"It's a situation where it really needs to be demolished in the city's opinion," said Wayman.

Renters who I talked with today say despite the results, the units are livable. It all depends on how the tenant takes care of their place.

"I've never had any major problems with the apartment. If there was anything that needed to be done, I notified the landlord and he took immediate action and took care of the problem," said by a current renter, who wished not to be named.

The renter says it's expected for older buildings to deteriorate over time, but it's up to the renter to be proactive.

"I've enjoyed living here for 14 years, and it's close to my business so it's handy for me," said by current renter.

Whether the property is demolished or remolded, Wayman says the owner will have to relocate his renters while the repairs happen.

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