City says Selah apartments are unsafe for people living there

City says Selah apartments are unsafe for people living there

SELAH, Wash.-- The city of Selah alleges the apartments owned by Steve and Janet Owens at 519 South First Street are unfit for living, due to dangerous conditions. This matter was brought to light when the Selah Fire Department responded to a tenant who had fallen through a hole in the bathroom floor because the floor had rotted.

City Administrator Donald Wayman was contacted by the tenant because she says the landlords served her an eviction notice, due to the fire department being called to her home when she had to be extracted from the bathroom. Wayman paid her a visit, and he says what he saw was disturbing.

“The conditions in the unit we were allowed to see were squalid, at best. We saw structural damage, due to rot. We saw vermin. We saw the kinds of conditions that should not be allowed in anyone's residence in the United States,” said Wayman.

Added Wayman, “This particular issue, since we have been into the residence and inspected it, we came to the conclusion that we needed to bring this to the attention of the court.”

The tenant who had to be extracted from her bathroom by the fire department is no longer living at the apartments, so we weren't able to speak with her, but Sylvester Robles, who lives a few doors down, says he has no complaints.

“This place is nice for living. We don’t have any complaints,” said Robles.

Wayman says he would like to see the apartments demolished or renovated so that people can safely and comfortably live there.

Apartment owner Steve Owens was unable to be reached for comment, but Wayman says a court date has been set for December 1st.

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