City plans on adding sidewalk and fixing roads around SOZO in March

City plans on adding sidewalk and fixing roads around SOZO in March.

YAKIMA, Wash.- SOZO Sports Complex has brought in a lot more traffic into Yakima since it has opened up.

However, all those cars are causing some of the roads in the area to wear down. Bill Romer lives nearby and wondered what the city's plan is and why it has taken them so long to get started.

“With these potholes in the road, the road is crumbling,” he said. “Of course with rain coming and snow coming it'll only get worse.”

He said he has to use 36th Ave every day for work, but the drive has gotten worse since SOZO has opened up.

While he is not against the sports complex, Romer said he and neighbors are thinking of starting a petition to get the roads fixed by the city.

We hear different answers from different people and we'd like to have a specific answer and have them hold up to it.

Yakima's Chief Engineer Brett Sheffield said he is aware of the road conditions around SOZO and the city is finishing up their plans to fix them.

“If you've driven out there you know what's out there is a chip seal BST road," he said. “It's not in very good shape and it's not very wide.”

Sheffield said the city wants to expand the roads around SOZO to three lanes and add a sidewalk along 36th Ave for people to walk into the complex.

The plan is ninety percent complete, but they are having trouble buying the land needed for the roadwork.

“It's crazy to get appraisals right now,” Sheffield said. “It takes six months and so even though we requested an appraisal a long time ago we just recently got it a month ago.”

Sheffield said the property they want to use for the road project is owned by the airport.

He hopes to bid on the project in winter and start construction by spring.

Also, when it comes to the gravel inside the complex. People at SOZO said they are still working on some fields. So, once they get that taken care of, they'll focus on getting the roads paved inside as well.

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