City of Yakima "doing their best" to tackle over 400 snowy roads

City of Yakima "doing their best" to tackle 400 snowy roads

YAKIMA, Wash.- If you've managed to get your car out of your driveway today, you may have felt how slick the roads are.

"It's kind of scary. Our car is not the best in the snow. We've slid a couple times on this snow," said Kennedy Karren.

Icy roads linger throughout the whole city after this two-day snow storm, making it a challenge for snow plows to hit every area quickly.

"I actually haven't seen anyone plowing the roads,"said Karren.

"I'm a little surprised by the roads actually. I'm from Idaho so I'm used to the snow, but I think I'm used to them being plowed a little more," said Kyleigh Hatch.

Randy Beehler over at City Hall says anywhere from 12 to 20 workers in trucks have been out plowing and de-icing since yesterday morning. Beehler says they can only have so many people on staff at a time to stay under budget.

"It easily takes at least a day and a half to get us to a point where it doesn't seem like there's a lot of snow on the ground. You're talking about almost 400 lane miles of road in Yakima so it takes a long time," said Beehler.

Each year the city budgets $175,000 for city crews, and another $150,000 for private contractors.

Beehler says locals may not see many workers plowing because the main roads aren't the first priority they tackle during heavy snow conditions.

"When we get to three inches, then the first priority are hills, areas around schools, hospitals, public safety facilities like fire stations and police stations. Those are our first priorities," said Beehler.

Beehler says once there's areas are taken care of, the city then focuses on the main roads and neighborhoods.

The city will be plowing dozens of streets tonight.

The city is asking locals to get your cars off snow route roads by 10:30 p.m. Tuesday so that they can be cleared.

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