City of Selah fears snow and ice will cause an apartment complex to collapse

City of Selah fears snow and ice will cause an apartment complex to collapse

YAKIMA, Wash.- The legal battle continues for whether an apartment complex in Selah should be demolished.

Many locals who live in the area say these apartments have been an eye sore for decades, and whether it gets demolished or not, a change needs to be made.

"I pass by those apartments every day when I'm driving home. When I pass by them they do look a bit run down and in need of improvements, so it would be nice to see them undergo those improvements," said Marie Schurk.

Yakima County Judge McCarthy ruled to give Property Owner Steve Owens a 30 day extension to submit a better plan on how he will fix those apartments.

Owens was already given 90 days prior to this extension to come up with a plan, and the City of Selah says the previous plan did not break down how it will fix the roofing, mold, and overall structure of the buildings.

"At the end of the day, it's going to cost a lot of money to fix one way or another. Either to tear it down, or two, to fix it appropriately. Either way it's going to cost a lot of money, which it appears the owner does not want to spend," said Wayman.

Selah city administrator Don Wayman says snowfall is now another concern added to the list. Wayman says city code enforcement has proved that these apartments are on on their last limb, and the weight of the snow sitting on top of these units is putting the tenants at risk of getting seriously injured.

"We do have concerns about that. We know there is structural damage and structural problems with roofing at that facility, and we will be watching it with trepidation through the next snow storm," said Wayman.

Action News asked neighbors there if they've had any issues, and some say the apartments do need some work but the rent is all the can afford in the area.

Owen's engineering team wants to remodel the apartments unit by unit, but the city is saying that isn't possible because of the way it's structured.

Action News reached out to the owner of the Selah Apartments and he declined to comment.

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