City leaders experience the life of a firefighter

City leaders experience the life of a firefighter

YAKIMA, Wash.- Sometimes it takes only seconds to determine life or death. It's a reality first responders deal with on a daily basis, but on Saturday there's some new faces on the crew when city council members and other city leaders got the chance to experience what it's like responding to emergencies.

"I've had some first aid training, but not like anything like the training that I just went through. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. We want to make sure that we are saving that patient," said City Council Member Holly Counsens.

Every year the Yakima Fire Department responds to over ten thousands calls.

City leaders suited up in full firefighting gear, and paired with an experienced firefighter to go through three emergency simulations. All of them situations firefighters routinely face.

"We have a heart attack simulation, we have a fire simulation and we have a car wreck simulation, and they're all very man power intensive. Having these folks here and being able to use the tools and carry, lift, and see with all that gear on exactly what these folks do, is a great thing for us," said Yakima Fire Department Captain Jeff Pfaff.

Pfaff says having city leaders get hands on and actually put out a fire, give a person CPR, and practice saving someones life helps them gain a better understanding of what their role is for the community.

"Now I know first hand what our first responders get to do. I hear about it and obviously we get to see it on the news and hear it first hand when we talk to them, but we never get to first hand do it. It gives us that one-on-one experience to help make those decisions that we need to make for our first responders," said Cousens.

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