City installs speed bumps on residential street, removes them a week later

City installs speed bumps on residential street, removes them a week later

YAKIMA, Wash. - Some people living on North 53rd Avenue say drivers speed down their street and something needs to be done about it.

They petitioned to get speed bumps about three years ago and the city finally put some in on November 28, but they were removed a week and a half later.

"The neighbors up and down this street are furious," said Janet Greenwalt who lives on 53rd. "We finally get the speed bumps and then they were torn out, leaving our street in miserable conditions that's only going to evolve into huge potholes for us now, which is more treacherous."

However, the city said they had to remove them because they weren't doing their job of improving safety.

"What we saw were people slowing down as they approached those speed bumps going up the hill and that could be challenging in the winter time and possibly impede the safety of that roadway," Beehler said.

Beehler said some of the bumps were positioned too close together or too close to people's driveways.

"Just to make sure that they're working as we intended them to work and in this case, they just weren't," he said.

He also said some of the people who signed the petition had since moved and some residents there now, did not want speed bumps on their street.

One resident who did not want to appear on camera said a speed bump was installed right in front of his home and he liked to see people slow down, but he heard others on the street weren't happy with the new speed bumps.

Beehler said the installation of the speed bumps cost the city $9,250 and the removal cost $875, for a total of a little over $10,000.

He said the city plans to go back and meet with those who live on 53rd and come up with another solution. For now, he said they will install speed clocks with radar to gather information on the how drivers travel on that street.

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