City Council votes yes to keeping the Yakima Central Plaza

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    YAKIMA, Wash. - The downtown plaza project was at risk of being terminated, but council members voted to keep it going.

    The motion was to terminate any further plans for the plaza as well as any work that is already in process, but council members voted four-to-three to keep the project alive.

    City Council required that the plaza funding committee raise $9 million in private funding contracts by the end of 2017, a goal the committee said they reached on December 29.

    Councilmember Dulce Gutierrez expressed concern over the project, saying there may not be enough money in the 2018 budget to pay for both the plaza and the aquatic center, and the city needed to decide on which is a priority.

    Councilmember Jason White says the city could be setting itself up to get sued if it tears down the parking lot based on a 1974 ordinance.

    While some locals voiced support of this new development, others have said they are also concerned over the issue of parking. According to the Yakima Central Plaza website, the plaza would not take away all existing parking lot spaces in the project area.

    Locals filled the Yakima City Council chamber Tuesday as councilmembers discussed the issue and voted.

    After almost an hour of discussion and disagreement among the council-members, the vote will allow the downtown plaza to continue.

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