Central Washington University reports of active shooter turns out to be a false alarm


    ELLENSBURG Wa. -- Some tense moments at Central Washington University late this afternoon when there was a report of an active shooter on campus.

    Reports came in right before six in the afternoon saying there was an active shooter on Lind Hall, but the University shortly released a statement saying the buildings are clear and the campus is now safe.

    Several students where still on campus around that time and say they were scared for their lives but were trying to stay calm.

    “Like I was kind of confused what’s happening because all he said was stay on campus or get off the campus as soon as possible and yeah, we were scared,” said CWU student Victor Hitt.

    “We kind of felt a little desensitized to it and I think it’s because how like common this has become so we were scared but we were also just trying to stay calm but there were a lot of people that you could tell were very panicked,” said CWU student Daniela Bernal-Hinds.

    The University’s President James Gaudino says there were no confirmed shots, no known suspects and no injuries.

    The campus will be open for normal operations tomorrow.

    Counseling will be available for students in the Surc and also in the Wellington Event Center.

    Gaudino says they are thankful to campus police for their quick response and also everyone on campus who followed police instructions as well as those off campus who stayed away.

    He says he is most thankful that it turned out to be a false alarm.

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