Candidates running for state Senate discuss goals if elected

Candidates running for state Senate discuss goals if elected

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - Former Sunnyside councilwoman Bengie Aguilar is taking on Senator Jim Honeyford who has held the spot for 20 years.

This is for Senator of the 15th Legislative District of Washington state.

Aguilar said if elected she wants to focus on supporting teachers and making sure they get paid what they deserve. She said she also wants to work on making healthcare affordable to all in the community.

She said she thinks it's time for some change in office.

"I just think it's so irresponsible what's happening in our nation right now," Aguilar said. "I want to be a representative that is very holistic in my approach and that i want to represent the whole community."

Honeyford said he wants to continue to focus on passing a water bill that would be a source of funding for water projects throughout the state such as our water supply. He said he also wants to work on improving mental health services to make sure they can be available to those who need it.

He said he hopes to be able to continue serving his community.

"I'm looking at economic development so we have jobs for our youth and our citizens, so those areas that I'd like to continue working on too," Honeyford said.

Election day is Tuesday, November 6.

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