Camp Hope asks for two day extension, city denies

Camp Hope asks for two day extension, city denies

YAKIMA, Wash. - Camp Hope is now packing their bags and leaving their Englewood Avenue location for good after being denied an extension this week.

Camp Hope will now be moving back to their old campsite on Birch Ln. in Yakima. Shelter coordinator Mike Kay says they asked for a two day extension because they don't have tents to house people in yet.

"They're not going to arrive until Monday. So our dilemma is what are we going to do between then and Monday when the permit expires on the 30th," said Kay.

Action News reached out to Yakima's Public Information Office Randy Beehler, and he says they city ruled no because they had late notice on the extension and there wasn't enough time to get it approved by city council.

"Now we have a 48 to 60 hour window where we are going to have to come up with an alternate plan," said Kay.

Kay says now Camp Hope leaders and others living at the camp will be spending that time setting up temporary shelters for 120 people for the next two days until their all season military tents arrive.

"The plan now is to try and use the foundations that we have over here to basically to find a party tent that we can just use for the 48 hours," said Kay.

The campsite will have separate tents for families, men, women, as well as men and women with pets. They will also be adding a playground for children and eating areas.

Kay says this is a two year plan, and hope to work with the city to find a permanent housing location.

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